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Ron Wallenburg of the Healing Tao and Stephanie Chandler of Zensation Therapeutic Massage created Rutherford Healing Arts April of 2018. We combined our individual practices of Healing and Energy work to bring our community a multitude of holistic modalities in which to teach, learn, inspire and grow in their journeys of healing, transformation and wellness goals. We work from a higher level and simplicity and purity in all that we do. Focused intention, prayerful mindfulness for the greatest and highest good of our clients and to the service of our community.

Massage and Bodywork rates are listed individually and may be booked online through schedulicity.





Rutherford Healing Arts is a  multi-dimensional holistic healing center based in a peaceful and relaxing setting.  Our center is designed to promote a healthier state of well-being by offering multiple modalities and treatments to aid in the healing of the mind, body and spirit,  with such services we go above and beyond what most centers are able to provide.

Reiki and Pyramid Infusion on personal items that bring comfort, healing and peace. This  can be used on children's stuffed animals to promote a good night's sleep and relaxation, crystals/gemstones,

candles, flax seed heating packs and any other items you bring in.

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