Equal but different perspectives

Stephanie and I found ourselves in a discussion with no idea how we arrived on topic. We often see things differently but neither one of us see the other as wrong. We are aware enough to understand we are seeing the same thing from our own perspective. Stephanie is a “hands on” worker and I am not. My hands hover slightly above the body and I am in “touch” with the Energy level. Which is the right way? The obvious answer here at Healing Arts is BOTH!

We are both “intention” based in our work; our focus being our client’s best and highest good. Sometimes a Spiritual or emotional issue can present itself in a physical form and sometimes a physical issue’s real damage is to a person’s view of themselves.

We are in Gratitude that we can perceive different aspects of an issue, use our knowledge and intuition to guide us to an understanding and then are able to offer different modalities to address the underlying cause.

Among the goals of Rutherford Healing Arts is to bring Peace, balance and well being to our community and to lead others to an understanding of awareness and intention thereby lifting not only themselves but the community as a whole.


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