Our body speaks to us, Do we choose to listen?- Stephanie

Headaches and neck pain are caused from carrying other peoples burdens and worries on our own shoulders, leg pain is often caused by allowing someone to carry us through life instead of standing on our own two feet. Want to know why your feet hurt? Not walking your path, imbalances in our feet are obstacles in our life path that we do not wish to acknowledge. Congestion of the throat and lungs? If you guessed not speaking your truth well, you would be right. Stomach and digestive issues? Not digesting information about our bodies by listening to it, poor diet, lack of water and exercise. Emotional trauma is more prevalent than you realize and in most all cases I see it is the broken mental psyche that manifests physical pain and all the meds you keep dumping into your body masks the pain amd symptoms but, never cures the dis-ease within the body. Your body is your greatest healing force. - Stephanie Lane


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