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Ron Wallenburg of The Healing Tao
is a Quantum Healer, Energy Healer/Balancer, Reiki Master/Teacher and Consulting Hypnotist.

 I work from a level of pure intention for the best and highest good to bring relief through a clearing and balancing of Energy.  We all have our own view and approach to our health and well being, so I find it best to start with an open mind as to the course of treatment.


I experienced a physical healing on October 17, 1984.   Looking back I realize this is where my healing path started.  After 20 years of daily life I found myself in a metaphysical church,  “The Institute of Spiritual Development” where I took an extensive course of study on different healing modalities.  I was soon led to Reiki and later hypnosis.  An ongoing study of Quantum healing and the Heart Brain carry me further along on my Healing Tao.  I also studied Spiritual communication and connection which guides me in my practice.


My first hand experience of a physical healing has attuned me to a deeper level with the all-encompassing Energy/Prana/Holy Spirit/Chi/Ki that we are  all part of.  I let the Universe guide me as to the best and highest good of my client, the end result being the focus, not the modality or path.

Ron Wallenburg of The Healing Tao is a USUI Reiki Master/ Teacher, a Gifted Quantum Healer and works primarily with the Energetic body ( Chi, Ki, Prana, etc).  Ron's work is mainly "hands off" and is intention based, channeling peace and healing.  This is a relaxing treatment to ease physical pain and/or anxiety bringing you into a more balanced state of mind.  Ron also works on an intuitive level for Spiritual path and emotional turmoil issues.  The most important aspect of Ron's work is bringing you to a point of understanding that healing comes from within.  Ron is also a certified Consulting Hypnotist and offers Past Life Regression sessions.  

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