Hypnosis/ Past Life Regression Therapy

I was introduced to past life regression through hypnosis by Ron Wallenburg.

His calming Energy allowed me to go into the deeper recesses of my mind and focus on my inner being and by going through this process I became more aware of my life's mission, my purpose and healing the inner parts of my soul though understanding my soul's blueprint.

It is extremely relaxing and beneficial to the body's inner power of self healing.

-Stephanie Lane 9/10/2018

Reiki 1 and 2 Certifications

I received both of my Reiki Certifications from Ron Wallenburg of The Healing Tao. As a massage therapist I find this helps to keep my Energy more focused and balanced working in the Energy increases my Energy and the massage work seems to flow better and my clients are in a much better state of well-being than they were prior to coming in for a treatment. I highly recommend this class to healthcare professionals and those that work in end of life care offices such as Hospice and assisted living homes and nursing facilities.

-Stephanie Lane 9/10/2018 

I recently went to Zensation for a reflexology session. It was a truly amazing experience. My pain level was immediately reduced and I still am moving with much less pain than before. Stephanie is definitely an expert in her field. I would highly recommend Zensation to anyone.

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